The entire Xpand Fest staff have been working very hard on programming the second annual Xpand Fest, June 9th and we personally can’t believe we are only five weeks away! There are so many exciting things that we have in store for our attendees this year, we simply couldn’t figure out how to share it with you all…. UNTIL NOW!

To make sure you get a chance to really understand the amazing offerings that will be at our fest, each Thursday leading up to the event we will post a blog to highlight different offerings that will be present this year. This blog will be accompanied by a Facebook live video every THURSDAY at 1:11 pm for you to hear it out of our own staff’s mouths the things they think should not be missed!

Take a look at the list of topics we will be discussing below and join along for awesome exciting updates and offerings.

Thursday, May 10, 2018- Performing Arts

Facebook Live: Danielle Dror,

Xpand Fest Creative Assistant









Thursday, May 17, 2018- Art and Interactives

Facebook Live: Glaucia Vieira,

Xpand Fest Interactive // Art Vendor Coordinator







Thursday, May 24, 2018- Family

Facebook Live: Morgan Markowitz,

Xpand Fest Operations Director










Thursday, May 31, 2018- Food and Beverage
 Facebook Live: Heidi Renee’,
Xpand Fest Communications Director


Autumn Trama
Xpand Fest Beverage Coordinator



Thursday, June 7, 2018- Sustainability

Facebook Live: Johanna Hagarty,

Xpand Fest Creative Director






Stay Tuned for more information and updates!!